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How to study solo online: How can you prepare for your online exams - anngardner97 - 31-07-2022

Some university students will soon be able to take their final exams in an online format after spending 17 years in formal education. This is on top an already severe pandemic that has affected their mental health.
However, there are also upsides. Remote exams are more flexible and sensitive to students' needs. Here are some suggestions for students who want to make the most online assessment.
You should create a revision program
First, you need to decide on the topics to cover. Next, consider what kind of knowledge or skills are required for the exam. You may also need to consult tutors or look at past papers for examples of answers.
Once you have your exam date and time, divide it by the topics to create an outline. Delroy Hall from Sheffield Hallam University is a senior counsellor. She advises that it is important to establish a routine for revision. "Covid-19 is disrupting all that [routine], so you have to be intentional in how you manage your life."
Hall also recommends the Pomodoro strategy: 25 minutes studying followed immediately by a five to minute break. This is especially helpful for those who feel overwhelmed by revision and struggle to stay focused.
You should learn concepts, not words
Learn to review course notes, lecture videos, marked essays, and important source materials. Hall states, "learn concepts but not memorize a lot of text". Open book exams can be used to demonstrate you can apply the learning, not just what information you remember. However, this can put some pressure on you and make it difficult to find sources for your answers during the test.
Summary sheets are a great way to remember key ideas, quotes and analysis. This active revision aids in understanding and recalling information. It also makes the exam more manageable by making it easy to find what you need.
If possible, you will start revision earlier with your existing notes and review material rather than learning new material. Hall says, “We're experiencing more stress than usual so you want it to go away.”
However, don't panic if things have not gone according to plan. Be organized and prioritize your topics based on the time available. Hall's worry sheet technique may be of help. Make a half-sheet of paper and fold it in half. Fill one side with things and things you can control, such as bed times and meal times, and the other with things and things that are out of your control (when the vaccine will be available). Next, focus on what is possible to control, and let everything else take care.
Exam anxiety can be tackled
Being able to take online exams alone, during pandemics and while you're not with your family is huge. You are allowed to feel anxious or upset about it. There are several ways to manage your anxiety. It is possible to manage stress by creating a separate exam area from your revision zone.
If your university offers online exam walksthroughs, make sure to check. These will show you the steps involved, from signing in to uploading questions to final submission. Log in, download and practice the recommended software ahead of time. For those who are concerned about missing the internet or not having a computer during the exam, you can ask your university for a laptop, dongle or other essential equipment.
A dry run is recommended for those who are new to 24- or 48-hour exams. It doesn't mean that you have to sit at your computer for days. You will feel better and perform better if your schedule includes both working hard and taking time to relax.
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RE: How to study solo online: How can you prepare for your online exams - sarahloran3211 - 03-08-2022

You can study alone by making important topics, write it down what you have learned, make questions about your subject and answer them, etc these are some basic things that can help you in studing alone. About exam preparation, so you can know the test format, test yourself, plan your time, and check your computer these are steps that will help you in preparation for the online exam. I follow these steps when I need to give an exam of ethical hacking course online and these steps help me a lot in preparation and studying alone, that is why I suggest you these steps about the study.